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Unlock your unique genetic blueprint to help you to make healthier lifestyle choices.
Test don't guess with a bespoke panel for you
State of the art GI-MAP stool testing
Aspire to know more about your health
Full range of blood test biomarkers.
Our most detailed assessment of your health.
Vitamin D is vital for strong bones, a healthy immune system, and regulating mood.
Biochemical tests for the investigation of common endocrine problems.
Areas to optimise to ensure peak athletic performance
Address the causes of your fatigue including nutritional deficiencies and thyroid function.
The most reliable form of biological age testing currently available
This blood test is required before receiving high dose vitamin C infusions.
Please request an appointment for your test to be taken, for free.
Comprehensive evaluation of men’s hormones including testosterone
Check your sexual health for peace of mind with our STI blood test service.