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Screen 40 genes from a simple blood sample to reveal how your body responds to the foods you eat and how your genes can affect your weight, physical activity, injury risk, mental health, and sleep.
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Everyone processes nutrients and exercise differently- this is down to our unique genetic makeup as well as lifestyle choices.   Our Nutrition and Lifestyle Genomics test provides you with the knowledge to make nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices that are best suited to your body, helping you prevent lifestyle diseases and keep you performing to your potential.

Explore the relationship between your diet, lifestyle, and genetic makeup. Unlock your unique genetic blueprint to help you to make healthier lifestyle choices suited to your body based on your DNA.

The Nutrition and Lifestyle DNA test will screen 40 genes from a simple blood sample to reveal how your body responds to the foods you eat and how your genes can affect your weight, physical activity, injury risk, mental health, and sleep. It will also reveal if you are at higher risk of certain nutritional diseases, empowering you with the knowledge to personalise your nutrition and exercise based on your DNA.

By unlocking your genetic blueprint, you are empowered with the tools and knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices suited to your body.

What we test:

  • Saturated Fats Response – ACE, APOA2
  • Lactose Intolerance – MCM6
  • Gluten Intolerance – HLA-DQ2.5, HLA-DQ8
  • Sweet Taste Perception – TAS1R3
  • Bitter Taste Perception – TAS2R38
  • Fasting Response – GNB3
  • Vitamin A Deficiency Risk – BCOM1
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency Risk – TCN1, MTHFR
  • Folate Deficiency Risk - MTHFR
  • Vitamin C Deficiency Risk – SLC23A1, SLC23A2
  • Vitamin D Deficiency Risk – GC, CYP2R1
  • Magnesium Deficiency Risk – TRPM6
  • Selenium Deficiency Risk – SEP15
  • Zinc Deficiency Risk – CA1
  • Calcium Deficiency Risk – LRP5
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 Benefit – FADS1, FADS2


    • Muscle Mass - MSTN
    • Muscle Composition – ACTN3, AGTR2
    • Muscle Recovery – IL-6
    • Injury Risk – COL5A1
    • Creatine Conversion - CKM

    • Genetic Obesity Risk – FTO, MC4R
    • Genetic Type II Diabetes Risk – SLC30A8, TCF7L2
    • Hypertension Risk – ADD1
    • High Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease Risk - LDLR
    • Familial Hypercholesterolaemia - APOB
    • Caffeine Metabolism – CYP1A2, ADORA2A
    • Sleep – CLOCK, GABRA6
    • Mental Health – HTR1B, NPAS2

    What is genetic testing?
    Genes are small sections of our DNA that encode instructions that determine individual characteristics like eye colour, hair colour and other physical characteristics. Genetic testing is used to screen for changes or mutations in these genes that can determine whether you might be predisposed or at an increased risk of developing certain conditions including some cancers.

    What are the roles of genes in nutrition?
    Everyone absorbs, metabolises, and transports nutrients differently based on their genetic makeup. A healthy lifestyle can influence how our genes express themselves (how they turn on and off) and these changes may reduce disease risk including obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, even if you are genetically predisposed.

    What to expect from your results?
    Your results are categorised into diet and nutrition, athletic performance, and health and wellbeing. A visual scale is included to help gauge your results from Gluten Intolerance, Fasting Response, Injury Risk, and Caffeine Metabolism to help you on your path to personalised health.  

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    Results are generally available within 24 hours.  A full report is provided giving comprehensive and easily understandable results.