Doctor Delivered IV Drips, Aesthetics + Healthcare

The Alchemy By Effect Doctors™ Team

Founded by a group of highly trained NHS Anaesthetic Doctors who are the in-hospital experts at IV drug administration. All of our treatments are designed in house, exclusively doctor delivered and built upon safe and effective care. Our team of doctors also include GP’s, functional medicine doctors, emergency medicine doctors and intensive care doctors.

We have full industry registration, regulation, insurance and medical indemnity.

Our Doctors wear industry standard PPE – which includes a face-mask and gloves. We always pay stringent attention to hand cleanliness. We maintain a distance of two metres except for the short period of time in which it is required to approach our patients. Sterile one use equipment is used.

We specialise in IV drips packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes as well as diagnostic blood tests and aesthetics procedures.

We are available to deliver your bespoke IV drip, either in our Henley on Thames clinic or in the comfort and discretion of your home, hotel or office.

Give the Alchemy Doctors™ team a call today to discuss the package that you require.

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Our goal as a company is to make you feel and look great. Our infusions contain different combinations of UK sourced amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and medications.

With our specialist knowledge, we have formulated targeted infusions to optimise different areas of your health and wellbeing.

Our Doctors can treat you at your home, office or at our clinic.