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VAION+ Pens make taking NAD+ easy, comfortable and safe to do yourself, at home. They top up and then maintain your body’s NAD+ levels, giving you more energy, sharpening your mind and repairing your body at the cellular level.

How to use your VAION+ PEN

We are confident that VAION+ PENS are the easiest way to top up your NAD+ but following the instructions carefully will ensure the most effective and painless experience for you. Watch Dr Buxton show you the VAION+ PEN, walk you through giving your first dose, how to refill the pen and how to remove an air-bubble.

NAD+ is short for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and it is a co-enzyme that is critical for life. It is found, naturally, in every living cell in your body where it plays an important part in numerous biological pathways.

NAD+ is essential in the Krebs Cycle, which turns food molecules into energy. It enables DNA repair and cellular regeneration. NAD+ also works with the neuro-transmission of signals between neurons (including in the brain).

Lower levels of NAD+ result in your cells not being able to metabolise as much of the food molecules as may be needed, making less energy available for you to use. As cells replicate, DNA is damaged and, without repairing this damage, copies of this damage can be passed on to future replications of the cells. Without the NAD+ supporting neurotransmission between cells, so the signal generated by one neuron is not passed on as efficiently as possible to the next, leading to a weaker, slower signal. These slow signals add up to cogitative slowing and even cogitative decline.

There are four possible routes which can be used to top up your NAD+ levels.

  1. Orally: NAD+ can be swallowed in pill form, but the bioavailability (the amount your body can absorb) is extremely low as NAD+ is a fragile molecule and is broken down during digestion. NAD+ precursor molecules can also be consumed and are more stable through digestion but there are questions over the safety of such supplements. The FDA is currently investigating these precursors as there may be side effects, such as cancer, caused by heavy consumption of these supplements.
  2. Intravenous injection: The fastest way to boost your NAD+ levels is through IV drip, where 500mg of NAD+ can be administered in a matter of hours. The downside of this is that the experience can be deeply unpleasant, with strong tightening of the chest, waves of extreme nausea and a “sensation of drowning” has also been reported. It also requires a nurse to administer and can take 4 hours. The huge boost to the system wears off over the course of about a month and another IV drip is then required to top up again.
  3. Intramuscular injection: An effective way to maintain NAD+ levels in the body is to have small IM injections of NAD+ every other day. This tops-up the system very effectively, but has its own side effect of being an extremely painful injection into the muscle. It also requires “drawing up” (taking the NAD+ from a vial into the syringe) and involves long needles, which many customers are uncomfortable with. Finally, the IM injection requires the customer to find someone to inject them or for them to inject themselves, which is also tricky for many customers.
  4. Sub-cutaneous injection (sub.cut.): The VAION+ PEN (patent pending) is the first sub.cut. Auto-injector pen for NAD+. It precisely administers the right amount of NAD+ 4mm under the skin… which is exactly where the fatty layer is. This fatty layer has fewer nerves than muscle and a slower blood flow, resulting in significantly less painful injection. The dose is small and administered every other day to build up and then maintain your healthy NAD+ levels.

Using the VAION+ PEN, you should build up your NAD+ levels over the first three days of use by taking a dose on day 1, 2 and 3. After the first three days, you should use your VAION+ PEN every other day. We recommend taking the NAD+ in the morning so you can enjoy the benefits of your top up throughout the day.

The VAION+ PEN is the easiest, most painless and most convenient way to top up your NAD+ levels

1. Remove the lid by pulling it away from the base
2. Unscrew the clear glass piece from the base
3. Push down the black plunger with your finger to reset it
4. Slide a new cartridge into the clear holder and, with the metal cap facing the top if the pen, reattaching it by screwing on firmly.

1. Remove the lid from the pen & check that the cartridge has enough NAD+ solution in it. If not,
2. Take a 4mm needle tip from the pack and gently but firmly screw it on to the end of the pen. Do not remove the needle tip cover yet.
3. Clean the injection site with an alcohol wipe provided in the pack. It is good to select a fatty area, such as the belly, buttock or thigh.
4. Remove the needle tip covers (there is an inner and an outer one – remove both)
5. Without putting the pen down, twist the base until the pointer lines up with your dose, usually 20 units, which is 0.2ml.
6. Hold the pen so the needle points up. Tap the pen few times to move the air bubble to the top and slide the plunger enough to push the air out before you give the shot.
7. Gently pinch the skin around the injection site to pull it away from the muscle a little (it only needs to be 4mm away so don’t pull hard!)
8. Place the pen on the injection site & press the pen down to penetrate skin.
9. Firmly press the button at the base of the pen. This will depress the plunger and administer the NAD+. A slight stinging sensation is normal.
10. Once the dial has returned to zero (0), count down three seconds to ensure the entire dose is administered and then remove the needle.
11. Remove the pen cover, replace the larger needle tip cover carefully & unscrew the needle tip + cover.
12. Put the pen lid back on & dispose of the needle tip in your regular household waste.

The VAION+ PEN should be stored, with its active cartridge of NAD+, between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius (35.6-46.4 Fahrenheit). A domestic fridge is a great place. If you are travelling, it is highly recommended to use an insulated case with ice packs.

NAD+ cartridges that are not yet being used should be stored in a freezer.

VAION’s NAD+ can last for 18 months if kept chilled, at the correct temperature. We are incredibly careful to make sure that you are only buying the freshest NAD+ from us, and so have put expiry dates on the vials. Please reference these and do not use any NAD+ that has passed these dates.

The NAD+ must remain chilled in transit, so we use some specially designed packaging, with integrated cooling, to be certain that you get your NAD+ in the best possible condition. The packaging and cooling will maintain the right temperature for 48 hours (2 days) so when there are expected delays with postage (such as over bank weekends), we may delay shipping to ensure your NAD+ doesn’t sit for too long and warm up.



Unlike supplementing your NAD+ via IV Drip, which delivers a huge dose all at once, the VAION+ PEN doses a little NAD+, painlessly, every day, enhancing then maintaining your daily NAD+ levels, helping you live your best life for longer.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Alchemy.

Jessica Moran7 months ago

Alchemy is located in the gym in the Tesco car park. I visited Alchemy for a blood draw for private blood test using Medickecks UK (see online if you are interested). A nice easy visit and pleasant experience. The lady who took my blood said they do a lot of these for Medichecks. The Medichecks box has all the bits including vials, postage label and plastic baggy. Once done pop the package into the post box located inside Tesco. Plenty of parking outside. Go into the gym and turn left - Alchemy is sign posted. I’m sure I’ll be back again. Good private blood work service.

Show moreRory Cantellow5 months ago

I took my daughter for a Meijers infusion for extreme fatigue. It’s a simple but comfortable room in the same building as gym next to Tesco Henley. Juliette is an absolute gem, so kind, so professional and really made us feel at ease. It was very easy and I’m pleased we have this facility on our doorstep to make her feel better.

Show moreSilvia Fidler6 months ago

Alex and the team are fabulous. I’ve used these guys for my IV infusions for well over a year now and they never disappoint. Love the way you can tailor the drip to whatever you’re needing at that moment. Definitely my go to for a pick me a up.

Show moreJo Buckley6 months ago

I've recently completed a course of 8 weekly IV Vitamin C and nutrient drips in the home provided by Alchemy by Effect Doctors. Dr Econs at the Burghwood Clinic has been a great help in overseeing the treatment. I'm suffering from a serious health condition and I've found the treatment has benefitted me greatly. I've reduced my pain medication, and I've been able to resume daily walks with my dog using a rollator. My quality of life has very much improved in the last couple of months. It was a relief to find the Alchemy mobile IV service as travelling is difficult for me, so having the treatment in my home was ideal.

Show moreHeather G7 months ago

I could not be happier with my results. Juliette and the entire staff were very professional and were great to work with.

Ellie Morgan5 months ago

An excellent service, timely, professional and courteous. I highly recommend Alchemy By Effect Doctors.

Dominic Littlefair3 months ago

Cannot fault Alchemy, amazing service and the the immunity infusion makes you feel brand new.

Cassie Belcher7 months ago

Excellent service throughout the process. I highly recommend Alchemy and will use their services again.

Ahmed Adnani6 months ago

I couldn't be happier the entire process start to finish is so professional and caring. I have immediately booked again

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YES. Your cartridges can contain 3ml when filled to the top, but doing so makes it much more likely for the bung to come out in transit. As a result, we sent you two cartridges with just over 1.5ml in each. We slightly over-fill each cartridge so you get every dose you need throughout the month, despite losing a few drops along the way (clearing any bubbles, discarded with the needle, human error etc).