Well Person

Our in-depth testing evaluates multiple blood biomarkers, to allow you take the first step in proactive healthcare; evaluate your physiological health with our comprehensive blood test panel and detailed medical report.


Well Person

From £300


Our Well Person Profile includes a full range of blood test biomarkers.

These tests include:

  • Full Blood Count
  • Kidney Function
  • Liver Function, Thyroid Function
  • Inflammatory Markers (CRP)
  • Bone Markers (calcium, phosphate, uric acid)
  • Triglycerides
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron/Total Iron Binding Capacity/Ferritin
  • Cardiac/Muscle Enzymes (LDH/ CK)
  • Blood Glucose Level
  • Vitamin B12 levels can be added on.

The tests ​can be performed at the same time as an IV drip treatment.

PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a blood test which all males over the age of 40 should undertake every 2-3 years to monitor for prostate cancer. We can provide this service for an additional £50.

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More information on the well woman profile

The Well Women Profile can be performed at the same as time as having a drip - no need for 2 needles. A full written report by a GP is provided within 5 days and any further investigations or consultations can be arranged as necessary following this. If you choose the ‘At Home’ option, we shall send a doctor out to you who will also conduct a brief medical consultation and check your vital signs.