1000mg vitamin B12; A quick-fix energy-boosting vitamin shot.



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Check your vitamin D level with a blood test performed in our clinic by one of fully trained medical professionals.

Vitamin D is vital for strong bones, a healthy immune system, and regulating mood.

Is it for me?

Do you often feel tired and rundown, lack energy, or have muscle aches and pains? Perhaps you spend little time outdoors, have dark skin (which makes it harder for you to make vitamin D from sunlight), or are over 65 — all of which can make you more prone to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D controls how your body absorbs calcium and phosphate. It’s vital for keeping your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy, and plays a role in immune function and mental health. Vitamin D is particularly important for pregnant women, breastfed babies, and children under five..

Our vitamin D test can check if you have a low vitamin D level, which could be contributing to symptoms like fatigue and frequent colds.

If you are found to be deficient we are able to offer a Vitamin D booster.

  • Vitamin D test only – £25
  • Vitamin D test + Vitamin D Booster Shot – £70