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The antigen lateral flow self tests are suitable for pre-travel/ fit to fly and general testing


Hotel LFT Portal

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Alchemy By Effect Doctors are a UK government registered provider of Covid-19 Testing Services.

The antigen lateral flow self tests are suitable for pre-travel/ fit to fly and general testing. 

  • Pay for the test and a link to our portal will be sent to you.
  • Undertake the test and submit a photo of it to our portal
  • Doctors report within 1 hour once uploaded (8am-8pm)

Provider on Governments List

CQC Certified

Public Health England Evaluated

UKAS Accredited

CE Marked Test


So, What is a Lateral Flow Test?

Lateral Flow Test is a highly convenient method of COVID testing that allows you to get self-tested at your hotel with results in just 15 minutes and a Doctors certificate within 60 minutes of submission (8am-8pm). Lateral flow tests come with a testing device similar to a pregnancy test and don’t need sending to the lab for a result. Our lateral flow tests pick up moderate to high viral loads – which patients will have around 3 days before the symptoms start to display.

What to do If I Test Positive?

If your test result is positive – this means that you are extremely likely to be infected with COVID-19 and risk infecting others: Follow NHS guidelines

What if the details I submitted on the form are incorrect?

Please resubmit via the portal for another certificate to be generated

What happens if I don’t get a certificate within one hour 8am-8pm

You may have put your email address in wrong. Please resubmit your result.

What if I need a certificate outside of 8am-8pm

Email and we will try to help!


Additional Information

+ Brand: Flowflex + Healgen Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Tests

+ Government Approved

+ Internationally accredited test

+ Highly sensitive

+ Offers results in just 15 minutes.

+ UK Government approved Doctors certificate for travel in just 60 minutes.