Alchemy By Effect Doctors™ team provide IV drips and B12 energy boosting intramuscular shots at pop ups around the country.

Our IV drips contain potent combinations of vitamins and minerals in a premium electrolyte-rich solution. If you want to feel at the top of your game every day this is the solution.

The IV drips are delivered by NHS-trained doctors who are normally based our Clinic at 45 Market Place, Henley on Thames, RG9 1AA where they offer bespoke medical therapies and specialise in wellness.

You can either be given your drip/ booster shot in our pop up boutique clinic area or for an even more luxurious experience, our doctor can come to you.

We guarantee we will optimise your weekend experience!

Energy Boosting B Vitamins

B Vitamins work to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue, aches and pains.

From £50.00

The Classic

A pH-balanced, electrolyte-rich solution to rehydrate, refresh and rejuvenate.

From £200.00

The Vitamin Drip

An essential blend of high-dose vitamins and minerals to maximise energy levels.

From £250.00


Recent events have included Bestival, Mistress Mary and Standon Calling.

This year we will be coming to Glastonbury!