As the leading IV Drip provider we offer a unique range of intravenous drips, all of which are designed by our team of doctors and administered by highly trained nurses. Each IV is constructed post consultation and contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

As an Alchemy by Effect Doctors client you can enjoy your IV drip from the comfort of your home or at our premium location.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a natural antioxidant made by the body and is found in every cell. Natural sources may not be enough in concentration to have any effect.

From £300

Curcumin IV

This premium IV drip contains a mega dose of Curcumin as well as a mega dose of B vitamins and Vitamin C.

From £250.00

Mood boosting & Anti Anxiety drip

This drip is a unique blend of prescription only supplements and medications which in this bespoke combination is offered by no other medical company in the world.


Sleep Aid Drip

Help your ZZZs with some ZMAs. Our specially formulated amino acid and mineral infusion works with your body’s natural sleep cycle to aid you in achieving restful sleep and relaxation.


The Vitamin Drip

This premium IV drip is the perfect blend of essential micronutrient vitamins and minerals to keep nerve and blood cells healthy while banishing lethargy and low mood.

From £250.00

Under the Weather

Our team of Anaesthetic doctors have created this unique infusion, which is powered by a mega-dose of Vitamin C, alongside a physiologically balanced electrolyte fluid solution and a large dose of IV Magnesium.

From £275

Deluxe Recovery

Our Deluxe Recovery, also known as our hangover iv drip, is an extremely popular drip for those who have overdone it the night before.

From £275.00

The Jet Lag Reset

When long journeys or constant travel leave you feeling weary, our blend of balanced electrolytes, re-hydrating fluids as well as amino acids taurine and glutamine with energy restoring vitamins and minerals will have you back at your best in no time.  


Skin Brightening

Achieve a balanced, glowing complexion with our intravenous Skin Brightening drip.


Myers' Cocktail

The famous mixture of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, calcium, B-Vitamins, B-complex and Vitamin C, is delivered intravenously.  


Fit Drip

If you are trying to achieve a new personal best, this IV Drip is a great way to achieve a little more from your workout routine.


The Beauty Tonic

This IV drip combines zinc, selenium, and a blend of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients required for radiant skin, shiny hair and strong healthy nails.  

From £275.00

The Immunity Drip

Strengthen your immune system with our special blend of high-dose Vitamin C, Selenium, and Zinc – a trifecta of immuno-boosters. Additional Immunity boosting B vitamins is contained within this premium IV.

From £275

Limitless NAD IV

The Limitless IV Drip is powered by NAD+ a metabolic co-factor found in all living cells. NAD+ has been shown to improve mental functioning, concentration, boost mood, aid recovery and detoxification, and assist the body with healthy ageing.


Vitamin C IV Drip

Vitamin C contributes to improving your immune system and contributes towards healthy skins, cells and blood vessels.

From £250

NAD IV Therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the most essential molecules in your body that powers metabolic processes and impacts a wide variety of systems, including digestion, cognition and mental clarity, ageing, and overall energy levels.

From £290

The Classic

A pH-balanced, electrolyte-rich solution to rapidly rehydrate, refresh and rejuvenate.


Bespoke IV Drip

A bespoke drip formulated after a consultation. This drip includes up to 6 ingredients.

From £350

Menopause Aid

Menopause, sleep, mood, insulin resistance, and migraine prevention.